Merrill & Linda Lund are two of the finest therapists in the entire world.

Paul St. John
(founder of Neuromuscular Therapy)

Paul St John - Founder of NMT

Never in a million years would I have believed I did not need Knee Surgery. You are good!

Before I moved to Florida, my doctors advised me that I would need bilateral knee surgery. I had knee trouble since I was 12 years old... rheumatic fever.. that is where all of the inflammation settled. 3½ years ago in Naples, MRIs confirmed the status of my knees andthe orthopedic surgeon said that I couldn't wait any longer for surgery. But I never returned to him, not wanting surgery.

I started to see Merrill for problems with fibromyalgia and a back and neck injury. Recently I couldn't lay, sit, or walk without severe pain in my knee. I started using a cane when it was necessary to walk. Merrill said he could help. I insisted I needed surgery but I let him work on my knee for one whole 2 hour session, and then again the next week as well.

Much to my surprise, after two days I was able to stop using the cane, the pain is gone and I walk my dog sometimes 5 times a day with little or no discomfort. There is no doubt in my mind that if it had not been for the treatments from him, I would certainly be recovering from surgery at this time.

Elain Johnson


I had seen an orthodontist, a Medical doctor, and a Chiropractor for 3 years after my car accident in which an airbag pushed my lower jaw backwards, and my neck whiplashed. My neck was always "out", and my jaw was always in pain. I was getting no results from my orthodontist and, thousands of dollars later, and oral hygienist told me to try someone who had training in Craniosacral therapy ..... I began seeing Merrill Lund and mad many sessions, aligning my entire body and doing specialized work on my TMJ to bring my lower jaw forward. We made much progress...my jaw was stabilizing. He has gotten me to a place where I do not have pain... and my body stays in alignment so I don't need adjustments, like, twice a week.

He is a Godsend.

Merrill has a lot of education and training in his field, and I would have to say he is exceptional...he focuses on, and works with each individual contributing problem, in order to heal the body (as a whole, not just the site of the pain). I have the highest regard for his work and would highly recommend him.

M. Estep

Foot, Leg & Knee

I am writing this letter to thank you for the very positive results I have received from your treatments and soft tissue therapy.

I was medically diagnosed with 3 "bone on bone" disks, stenoses, and sciatica, weakness in my left leg, and had constant left knee pain. By the end of a day, I was extremely stiff and quit often having difficulty getting up from a chair and walking any distance.

I have had 6 treatments so far from Merrill. The results are extremely positive. I now enjoy an easy, virtually pain free stride, and I do not have that "end of the day pain" and stiffness.

During one session, in passing I discussed an old injury to my right foot. A "chain saw cut" just below my ankle for which I have had 2 surgeries, and tendon transplant to the large toe. The foot was very stiff and slightly misaligned. His subsequent specific attention has loosened the stiffness, broken up some scare tissue, and given me a range of motion I have not had in 30 years.

What you have done for my FEET is nothing short of a miracle, after 30 yrs. of pain.

In closing:

After extensive Chiropractic, Osteopathic, and Massage therapy (elsewhere), over the years I have never achieved the same level of results as I have with your (Merrill's) treatments.

I am enjoying virtual elimination of pain, and much greater range of motion in my foot and throughout my body.

I would encourage and highly recommend your therapy to anyone with the symptoms I previously described. I cannot imagine your art not helping most other sufferers. Book enough sessions and you will have both a belief and benefit.

Thanks again for your help.

George Sarkus


To whom it may concern,

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation, and to attest to the skill, knowledge, and talent Merrill Lund possesses as a gifted Massage Therapist and Healer.

I became a chronic pain sufferer, following various car accidents, and work related injuries. (I work as a physical therapist assistant)

I have tried many methods of both conventional and alternative medical treatments to relieve constant, excruciating headaches, neck, and back pain, over a twenty year span.

Following only four (1 ½ Hr) sessions with Merrill Lund, my headaches and back pain are gone, and my overall health has significantly improved.

Merrill's compassionate spirit is truly felt while he is working on you. We are blessed to have such skill and talent here in New Port Richey. (our former CLINIC LOCATION)


Michele Daubney

Chronic Neck Pain and Back Pain

I am writing this in regard to my therapeutic treatment from Lund's Natural Pain Relief Center.

Approximately one year ago I was in an automobile accident. I had chronic neck pain, as well as back pain. I was first treated with chiropractic care. This treatment was helpful, but not long lasting.

I was referred to a massage therapist...Merrill Lund. I was given extensive treatments two times a week and began immediately to feel better. I was treated with Neuromuscular therapy and Craniosacral therapy.

I am very grateful for the treatments I received. Presently, I am more active than I have ever been: My chronic pain has gone away, and I have more energy than I've had in a long time.

Lund's is a place that has a true sense of caring for their clients. I have tremendous confidence in their work. I would recommend their services to anyone interested in pain relief.


Diane Sarra


I had only partial movement in my right shoulder. After the full treatment my shoulder was returned to almost 100% full range of movement.

I also benefited from the Craniosacral massage therapy, which totally opened and cleared my sinuses from which I suffer sinusitis.

I enjoyed the Spa/Whirlpool to relax the muscles, and the Steam Cabinet was excellent in detoxifying the muscles and skin.

The whole experience was cleansing, relaxing, rejuvenating, and especially healing.

I recommend this routine to be part of anyone's health maintenance program.


Debby Ulmmel

Kidney & 11 month old

I read about Craniosacral therapy a while ago and I couldn't wait to try it on myself and my children. I was thrilled when the Lund's Pain Relief Center opened.

It is my pleasure to share with you my enthusiasm for Linda and Merrill's work.

My first experience was wonderful. Relief from my lower back pain, and some type of release in my kidney area. Which put an end to the swelling of my ankle. All very welcome.

The Lunds have worked on my 11 month old son also. The heat that released from his little body is just incredible!

I feel that the Lunds are very gifted. The energy (intense heat) that Merrill and Linda exude is quite remarkable. I would highly recommend the Lunds' Natural Pain Relief center. It is great therapy for pain, or just for de-stressing. I can't say enough good about Merrill and Linda and the important work they do!

Lori Dugan

I was diagnosed with SCIATICA

In September of 2001 in Alberta, Canada I was treated by a Medical Doctor, a Chiropractor, and several Massage Therapists, and got no relief.

After 8 months of constant pain in my legs, I visited Naples in April of 2002.

My son Merrill checked the usual areas where others had treated me, but then he explained that sometimes the pain can be originating in organs. He carefully worked my kidney and bladder with very precise movements. After the second treatment of this kind, I was amazed: every bit of pain in my legs completely disappeared. It has been nearly a year now, and when I stand to pray in church my legs do not go to sleep or hurt.

Evodia Lund


April 20, 2004

Hi Merrill,

Thanks for all the much-needed work you did on my Atlas-Axis (the top 2 vertebrae in the neck). As I was taking my evening walk last night I was thanking God for the healing experience I had in meeting you, receiving some of your work, hearing your sail-boarding experiences, and getting the CST I needed — and I said to God, "He's unlike so many human beings, he reminds me of an angel - but without wings."

...I also started taking everything Paul St John suggested... I'm learning a lot from all of this.

S. Cedrone

Low Back

You literally changed my life!

Dear Merrill,

For some time now, I have meant write you to let you know what a tremendous help you have been to me with your Neuromuscular Therapy treatments! Over the relatively short period of time from the end of January 'til mid April of this year, you literally changed my life! I know that you saw the changes that took place after only about four treatments in the first two weeks of our sessions. However, to fully appreciate the changes you made in my life, I need to share some of the details of how I came to the point where I felt there was little hope I would ever stand straight or walk normally again.

About 14 months before our first appointment, I was performing a simple act of stepping out of a car when my lower back went into an unbelievable spasm, seizure, or whatever... causing horrific pain! I found myself unable to stand straight and function normally. The simple act of walking became a challenge! The thought of going up and down stairs was almost beyond my imagination. For more than a year, before coming to you, I went to chiropractors, I had two sets of x-rays taken of my spine...... Out of desperation I even had an evaluation at The Cleveland Clinic, where I was told my problem had been long-standing. It was the consequence of, and related to scoliosis, or curvature of the spine. I was told that I ..... just had to learn to live with it ..... I had been a gymnast and competed at a high level for years and found this explanation to be at odds with my life's experience as a relatively active person.

At all the points along the way for the fourteen months before coming to you, I worked with several other professional people, trying desperately to find a solution to my problem. They all gave me exercises I could not perform with any satisfaction because of the pain associated with even the slightest movement through my lower back and hips. Interestingly, you were the first person to tell me that you would not prescribe any such exercises until you were certain my body had reached the point where I could handle them without pain. At every step along the way, you were the therapist, teacher, mentor and a great source of life skills information. Our visits were extremely enlightening. You always explained what you were doing and why......

I wish I had pictures of myself when I was in this crisis state, before coming for my first visit to your clinic. From the day I stepped out of the car, I never looked at myself in the mirror without noting the serious tilt in my body that one associates with a forward-leaning, shuffling older person, but that is what I first noticed every morning for the year before your diagnosis and treatments were started. ...... I considered myself fortunate if I could walk a block, when normally my wife and I would have walked two miles! A one block walk was exhausting, painfully depressing and when I returned home to climb the stairs, I had to do so, with great effort, one step at a time. Neighbors later commented on the changes they noticed after a few treatments! In fact, there were about four referrals made to you because of changes they saw in my ability to get around after such a short period of time.

I know that what you have done for me is lasting. Since leaving Florida in mid April, I have gone through a six week period of great activity and stress with a major move - lifting furniture, driving great distances, and generally making demands on my body that many half my age might have found to be challenging! I am feeling more fit than I have for years! You are directly responsible for the changes made in my life, and I want you to know why I feel you have been able to help me so much......

A great part of your treatment and approach to our sessions was the analysis you did of my X-rays and the careful attention you paid to my skeletal design. Early in our program, you sent me home with the... DVD program on the spine, along with an analyses of gait and posture of many people walking along a beach, in order to illustrate the differences in posture and movement. That had a tremendous impact on me..... I have found myself continuously evaluating my own posture and the way I walk. .....

......It was of great interest to both of us to follow the diagnostic steps you took in order to determine the nature of my problem and the differential leg length during our first visit to your office. After you diagnosed the problem of leg length, I had an 11 mm. full sole lift added to each of my right shoes ..... I ordered orthotics as you prescribed, which have made a tremendous difference to my mobility and general comfort levels. After only the first three treatments, I was able to walk the two miles of our morning walks, and was well on my way to feeling that I had my younger body back! As we worked through other areas of concern, long standing hip pain, neck spasms and shoulder joint discomfort, I found myself on the road to a much more encouraging future than I ever thought possible. My wife also came to you for treatments along the way, and we are both indebted to you for all that you have done for us!

Thank you again for your professional help, your friendship, and all your teaching and enlightening explanations along the way! .....

Hope you and Linda have a great summer, and we will keep in touch. Thanks also for your referral to another local therapist in our area in Canada, but the way I have been feeling for the past two months, I do not think I will be needing to seek out his services!

Best wishes to you both,

Peter and Barbara

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